Coates Street Presbyterian Church

We Seek to Know Christ’s Love and Minister in His Name


Seeking an Organist to play for us on Sunday mornings. Our Organist Virginia Trusty would like to pass this talent on to someone else. If you or someone you know, would like to play, please contact the church.

All are invited to join us Sunday in Worshiping with the Lord both in person and online at:

 Facebook/Coates Street Presbyterian Church. Click the link below:


We Seek to Know Christ’s Love and Minister in His Name

Worship Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 AM. Communion is served on the First Sunday of each month, Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve. All who believe are Welcome at The Lord’s Table. Coates Street Presbyterian Church is a member of PC(USA). We are located 601 West Coates Street; On the corner of Johnson Street and West Coates Street in Moberly, MO. The office entrance is off the North parking lot. Worship entrances are through the front doors, office entrance, or lower level. An elevator is available.

All are invited to join us for Sunday morning here at Coates Street Presbyterian Church at 601 West Coates Street in Moberly OR Online/Facebook Worship Service. The live video will begin a couple minutes before 10:30 Sunday morning to give everyone time to join in before the service will start promptly at 10:30.  

For any who are unable to watch the services online please contact the office per phone or email and we will email/mail them a manuscript copy of the sermon.

There are several ways you can give back to God, through monetary donations made to the Church: The best way is to attend Sunday Worship and place it in the tray during the offering; another way is to place it in the postal mail; you can now make a donation on our Facebook page, look for the blue donate button, or check with your personal bank for their services of autopay. 

Who We Are

The members and Deacons of Coates Street Presbyterian Church minister to Moberly and the surrounding community by participating in the work of Christos Center, Community Daycare, Jump Start Tutoring, Buddy Backpacks, Safe Passage, Randolph County Ministerial Alliance, and Primrose Hill. We are also active in the Randolph Caring Communities West End Projects.

We offer Sunday School for adults and Children and various Youth Programs, including weekly group meetings with activities, Vacation Bible School, Summer Youth Camp and Youth Retreats.

Youth Groups:  Youth groups meet during the school year:
Combined Middle School and High School youth meets Sunday evenings from 6-8 PM
Elementary School youth meets Thursdays after school from 3:15-5:15 PM

We have a bus to pick students up from school and transport them to CSPC for youth group meetings.
Youth group activities include: joys and concerns, Bible study/story time, crafts, games and snacks.
For more information, contact Mary Riley at the Church office.

You may reach us at:

601 West Coates Street

Moberly, MO 65270

(660) 263-4571

email: cspcmoberly@gmail.com

Office hours:

9:00-12:00 Monday-Friday



Bids went out to Contractors for the new steeple. A pre bid meeting is set for Wednesday, August 18th from 3-5 PM. This will be held at the church. Contractor Bids will be due Wed Sep 8, 2021, and opened from 8am – 1pm . Again, thanks to Devin Snodgrass, with Outline & Associates for all his hard work.


Thank you for all that attended the Bell Tower Design Concept presentation. Thanks to Outline & Associates of Moberly for designing the new steeple, and coming to answer questions from the congregation. Project Bids will be going out to contractors. Construction will begin as soon as some final plans are made, and hopefully the price of supplies goes down. Below is the drawing of the steeple plans.

3/19/2021 The Bell tower is secured, weatherproofed and the inside cleaned.

Update 2-26-2021 Crews have begun to secure the bell tower. Bands have been put in place and plywood is being placed on it. Clean up of the inside and outside of the tower will begin soon.

November 1, 2020 update: It has been a long prolonged effort with Insurance, Architects and Engineers. We are now ready to set down with the Engineers and Architects to discuss how and when things will be starting to rebuild the Bell Tower and Steeple. We will keep everyone updated as progress is made.

Many have asked about the progress. As of January 2020, we are waiting on the Engineers, Contractors and Insurance Adjusters to complete the final plans on rebuilding our steeple. As everyone knows, paperwork can take more time that construction. More information will be shared as we receive it.

As of October 2019:

Workers from Beaverson Roofing, Moberly, MO have been working on removing the shingles and the steeple, after a lighting strike 8/11/19. A Structural Engineer will be assessing the bricks of the bell tower, to see how much of it will need to be removed and replaced.

As most of you may have heard, the steeple was struck by lightning just before worship Sunday morning, August 11, 2019.  There is damage to the steeple, but NO ONE was hurt!  The insurance company has been contacted and things are progressing.  We received the OK to tarp the steeple.  (There was NO visible water damage this morning from the rain last night).  Now it is a matter of insurance, engineers, construction and the Session making some hard decisions.  Everyone wants to know what they can do, at this point, PRAY!  We will keep you updated as we are.

In case you were not able to attend the prayer service held at Trinity United  Methodist on Sunday evening 8-11-19; here is Pastor Joel’s message:

“Friends, we are gathered here today for a short prayer service. To pray for our church, and our building that has been a house of worship in this community for over a century. We must admit that something like what happened this morning to our church is scary. We thank God that no one was hurt, and yet the lightning served as a disruption in our day. Striking not far from where we our people were gathered, it reminded us of the frailty of life, that death could come at any moment, and it reminded us of the fragility of even our sturdy buildings. But in gathering tonight, we take a stand saying that the devil cannot stop us from worshipping today. And in the midst of even the hard times we will gather together and sing praises to our God who we firmly believe is still good.

In light of the fact that lightning struck our church earlier this morning right before our worship service was about to start, I think it would be wise as a pastor to briefly address what we believe about God and His role in the natural events of this world. Scientists tell us that one hundred times a second, lightning strikes somewhere on earth. We do not believe that God is actively directing every single one of these strikes of lightning to hit where He so chooses. Not that He couldn’t if He wanted. There are certainly many examples in the Bible of God directing the weather as punishment against evildoers. And yet those are special times when God chooses to act, it’s not normative of all weather. Due to the proximity of the lightning strike to the start of our worship service, I was joking with people about how there must have been something I was going to say in my sermon that God really didn’t want me to say… But no, what I had planned to talk about was the pervasiveness of idols in this world and how we must be careful to worship the true God, and not worship false gods. It seems to be in pretty safe, non-smiting territory to me…

All joking aside, it does need to be stated that we do not believe that God intentionally struck our church with lightning. The foolishness in thinking in that way can be seen pretty easily when we look at how there are many churches who teach heresies of all varieties that still stand tall and unharmed. We believe that we live in a fallen world that was brought about by the sinful choices of humans and demons. We believe that by sin we brought death and destruction into God’s good world such that now lightning strikes and natural disasters ravage God’s good creation. They are one of many signs to us that the world that we live in is not as it is meant to be, they are reminders to us that both we and our very world are awaiting the time when we will be made new.

We do not believe that God intentionally struck our church with lightning, and yet neither can we look at lightning strikes and natural disasters as the unbeliever looks at them. We cannot simply leave it at saying that they are purely random happenings based on weather cycles and natural laws. Because we believe in the power and providence of God. We believe that God is in control of everything that happens. We must reckon with the fact that God is in control and nothing bad can happen without His permission. God did not command the lightning, but God did permit it. God is in control, but God’s control does not always look like we assume it would look.

In the gospel of Mark chapter 4 we hear of Jesus on a boat with his disciples, and a great storm arose. And the disciples were fearing for their very lives. And what was Jesus doing this whole time while this was happening? He was sleeping. The disciples woke him up and rebuked him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” In the gospel of John chapter 11 Mary and Martha send a message to Jesus from Bethany to Jerusalem telling him that their brother Lazarus was ill. Yet even knowing this, Jesus did not leave right away, Jesus stayed two days longer in Jerusalem where he was. As he finally arrived in Bethany, Lazarus was already dead. And Martha went and rebuked Jesus, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”

God’s control does not always look like we assume it would look. In the midst of the storm, He was sleeping. In the midst of a sickness unto death, Jesus stayed put where he was. In the midst of tragedies, it so often seems like these stories, it seems like God is absent or that he doesn’t care while we go on perishing. But let me tell you a secret: the reason God is sleeping is not because He doesn’t care. God is not sleeping because He could care less what happens to us. God is sleeping because He is in control. God is sleeping because with two words He can end the storm. “Be still.” God delayed in coming to Bethany because with two words he could resurrect Lazarus, “Come out.” “Come out of your grave.”

God permits evil in this world, not because He doesn’t care, but because He is in control. God only allows us and the devil to bring evil into this world because God knows that He has the power to undo all of it. God has the power to calm the storms, to bring the dead to life, to make everything new; even the power to repair our church. In death and in life, God is in control.

So, many may see that lightning bolt that struck our church as a sign of God’s judgment against us. But did you know, did you know that throughout the Bible lightning is also a common sign of God’s presence? In Exodus 19 as God descends onto Mount Sinai preparing to give the 10 commandments to the Israelites, the mountain was covered with a thick cloud of thunder and lightning. In Matthew 28 as the resurrected Jesus first appeared to the women at the tomb, it tells us that his appearance was like lightning. And in Revelation chapter 4 as John receives a vision of the very throne room of God, John beheld flashes of lightning bursting forth from the throne. Perhaps the lightning is not a sign of God’s judgment against us, but a sign of God’s presence with us.

Friends, whether in the calm or in the storm, God is still present with us, and God is still in control. And friends, though our God permits evil to occur, our God specializes in bringing good from evil. Friends, we know that nothing can separate us from the love of God. And so, no matter what struggles may come our way, we say confidently and boldly that our God is still good, and He still is our hope and He still is our salvation. And so, we say confidently and boldly that our God still has plans for the future of our church that we may continue to go forth and proclaim the praises of His great name. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us pray together: Almighty God, we thank you that a church is so much more than a building. We thank you that our faith is not rooted in grand architecture or in old buildings, but that our faith is rooted in you, the unchanging God. We thank you that you protected us all from harm and kept us all safe from the storm. We thank you for the firefighters and other public servants who helped put out the fire in our steeple and assess the damage. We thank you for our brothers and sisters in the Methodist church who are hospitably hosting us for our service tonight. We thank you that you are in control, and we trust you to make all things right.

God, we pray that you would help us to restore the church building such that we can continue to worship in its walls for years to come. We pray that through this suffering you would bring good. We pray that it teaches us to let tragedies unite us and not tear us apart. We pray that our faithfulness through this situation would be a witness of hope to those around us. And we pray for the faith to trust you through all the mountains and the valleys of this world knowing that you will lead us one day to green pastures and still waters.

And now let us pray the words that our Lord taught us to say: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.”