Christ is Risen!


601 West Coates Street

Moberly, MO  65270

(660) 263-4571

Rev. Joel W. Lynn, Pastor

 Mary Riley, Youth Christian Education Director

Donna Fainter, Church Secretary


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We Seek to Know Christ’s Love and Minister in His Name

*Important Announcement*

Everyone please like our new official page here:

We have switched all of our posts and Facebook Live worship services onto this new page.  Once everyone has had a chance to switch over, we will be deleting this old account in order to reduce confusion.

One major benefit of this new page is that there is a new donate button by which you can make donations to the church electronically. It is in a big blue rectangle near the top of the page. If you donate this way you can do one-time donations or set up recurring donations. All money goes directly to us and there are no transaction fees to this process. We hope this creates an easy way for those who worship with us online to contribute to our mission should they feel led to do so.  This may also be an easier way to donate for regular members so that they do not have to remember to write checks but can have regular weekly or monthly giving set up automatically.


We Seek to Know Christ’s Love and Minister in His Name

Welcome to all every Sunday, here at Coates Street Presbyterian Church or on Facebook Live (just search for Coates Street Presbyterian Church)!  Care & Fellowship is announcing the coffee/juice bar will resume this Sunday at 9:20 AM.  Sunday school for all ages is at 9:30, and everyone is welcome. The Adult class will meet in the Session Room, the youth meet in the Sunday School room.  Please join us for worship, which begins at 10:30 AM.  This Sunday we welcome  The Rev. Dr. Raymond I. (RIM) Massey II served as the Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Columbia, MO from 1985 to 2013. He has been honorably retired for eight years. He has been married to Judi L. Massey for 49.5 years,
with three children and two granddaughters (twins).  Rev. Massey will read from scriptures 1 John 1:8-2:5 and           John 20:19-25  With his Sermon Title: Easter People


 The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who dwell in it.    For He founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.         Psalm 24:1-2



Looking ahead:

Fellowship Group will meet in the Parlor and per Zoom at 7:00 PM, Thursday April 15.

Deacon meeting is Monday, April 12th at 6:00 PM; in the Session Room.

Session will meet April 21, at 6:30PM in the Session Room.

Deacon’s Minute for Mission

Moberly Parks and Recreation is having the Courtesy Cart program again at the ballfields at Rothwell Park.  If you would like to be a courtesy driver, we have a sign-up sheet in the back of the Sanctuary.  There are 2 shift times available: 5:30 to 7:30PM and 7:30 to 9:30 PM.  It begins the week of May 24th and runs thru July.  If you would like to help, you can call the office and we can let you know times available.

Safe Passage has had extra expenses due to the Pandemic.  They have been using a lot more trash bags, dish soap and hand soap.  If you are able to donate any of these items, you can bring them to the church, and leave them at the Christos Bookshelf in the hall.  The Deacon’s will make sure they get them.

The Buddy Backpack program continues to provide students with meals after school and on weekends.  Besides needing snacks for this program, they are also in need of combs, brushes, and hair ties.   Any donations can be brought to church and left on the Christos shelf in the hall, and the Deacon’s will be sure they get them.



We are updating our contact lists within the Church.   As people are doing away with their landlines, we are asking for everyone to send their contact info to the church for us to make sure that we have their most recent info: address, phone numbers, and email.  You can call or email the office, or sign the red folders in the Sanctuary with your information, if it has not changed, please still let the office know, so we can have an up to date listings for everyone.

Please remember to keep in contact with your loved ones, the elderly and anyone that you know that may need some help in this time of uncertainty.  It may just be as simple as calling to see if they need some groceries or other necessities.  Call the Church office if you need help, or know of someone that does to see if one of our volunteers can help!

Choir Rehearsals are Wednesday’s at 5:30pm.   Welcome all that love to sing!  We will let you know when Rehearsals will resume .

 Deacon’s Meeting is the second Monday every month at 6:00 pm

 Session meets the third Wednesday each month at 6:30 pm

Women’s group usually meets on Saturday mornings at the Church at 9:30 AM, in the Parlor, However we have cancelled them until further notice.  Keep checking for when they will resume.

 Be sure to get a copy of “These Days, Daily Devotions for Living by Faith” and/or “The Upper Room, Where the world meets to pray”.  Free copies are available on the table in hall.

The Lending Library in the hallway is waiting for you to see what is available!  The Care and Fellowship Committee invites you to TAKE A BOOK, BRING A BOOK and pass them on or return them.  Religious or not!  There are several new additions to the library.  The shelves are full, waiting for you to find your perfect reflection book, bible, nice daily devotional books.

Do you know someone in the CSPC community who would like to attend Worship, Church events or may need a ride to Doctor appointments, need to go grocery shopping, or have someone pick up your groceries?  Call the Church office to see if one of our volunteers can help!  Pastor Joel is visiting with people that are not always able to come to Church, he can take them Communion also, if they wish.  If you know someone who would like a visit from Pastor Joel, please let the office know, or contact Pastor Joel.



Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts,

as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.  For thine is the kingdom,

and the power, and glory, forever.



MORNING PRAYER:  Holy God, you have called a people to be your family out of every tribe, language, and nation, to love and serve you daily in a world of beauty, complexity, and diversity.  Help us to honor and respect the dignity of difference as we seek to be one with you and each other this day and always.   Amen.

EVENING PRAYER   O Shepherd of all, you have brought us to the close of another day; for this gift and the blessings we now name, we give you thanks…All that we have and all that we are come from you; and so, trusting in the goodness of your divine care, let us lie down this night in peace, that tomorrow we may rise to greet you in a resurrection joy.  Amen.




Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 

                                                                            Matthew 19:14            

Do you have a school aged child or grandchild?  Please consider signing them up to attend our youth program.   For each group, CSPC provides a healthy snack, different ways to learn about Jesus in the weekly lessons and crafts or activities   to help reinforce the lessons.  Mary has a way of telling the stories of Jesus on the child’s level, they all are tuned into her as she tells the story.

Would you like to become involved in the youth programs?  Volunteers are always needed to help.

See Mary to sign up!  Youth groups will be starting up soon, be thinking of how you can become involved.  The children are picked up from school on the CSPC bus, and transported to the church, parents pick them up here after group meetings.